Just Custom Fields

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Just Custom Fields

Convert standard Post Custom Fields into a powerful easy-to-update system with numerous new field types. For  Free!

We think that site users should not have a technical background to edit something when they use WordPress. That’s why we created our plugin.


Illustration-01@1x How to print the JCF Field manually in the template?

Everything you need

You can add the usual Text field, Select box, another WordPress editor, Checkboxes, Datepicker, Table, Media upload, Content relations.

Furthermore, you can create Collections - repeatable fields groups of all types mentioned above. Still for free!


Fields Visibility

Have you a lot of fields? Don’t you need all of them at once?

Hide your fields based on Page Template or Taxonomy terms. For example, you can have different fields based on Post Category.

Learn More

illustration-02-1 How to print the JCF Field manually in the template?
jcf-taxonomy-meta How to print the JCF Field manually in the template?

Taxonomy Fields

Still not enough?

You can add all available custom fields for Taxonomy terms in the same manner you do for the Post Types. Finally you can upload an image to your term!

Examples of usage

What’s New in Version 3.0?

First of all, I want to ask users who use older versions: Please do not upgrade from version 2.* to version 3+. Some parts of the code are incompatible and you could lose some field settings. You can try upgrading on a dev version of your site and check how it works, but do not upgrade it…

July 29, 2016

Building WordPress Plugins with Object Oriented Concept

The basic approach in the creation of plugins and themes with the OOP concept is consistent use of the MVC model together with several design patterns. The brightest example of such an approach is the Just Custom Fields plugin. By checking the plugin’s latest code base, you can better understand the principle use of the OOP…

July 29, 2016

Creating a “Company Team” Page

A lot of business sites have a page with employees or members. When editing these pages, sometimes it’s hard to keep the same style for all of them. Let’s check how the Just Custom Fields plugin can help us with the Employees page. Our goal is to get a nice page like this: We will work with…

July 29, 2016