Just Custom Fields

What’s New in Version 3.0?

First of all, I want to ask users who use older versions:

Please do not upgrade from version 2.* to version 3+. Some parts of the code are incompatible and you could lose some field settings.

You can try upgrading on a dev version of your site and check how it works, but do not upgrade it on Production servers without tests!

A lot of users nowadays use version v2.3.2, which already has similar features. We recommend to use v3+ for new projects. Let’s see what’s new in this version:

New OOP Code Base!

We wrote all the code from scratch. It’s not because the old code was bad and had a lot of bugs, no! The old code was built in 2011 with procedural-style code (which was popular in 2011 and followed WordPress procedural-style code). This type of code is easy to write, however, it’s very hard to extend. So we used all the latest OOP standards and wrote a new code (we used the MVC model), which allows us to grow and add new features in the future.

Why did we do this? Starting from WordPress 4.4, a new taxonomy meta was released. To extend our plugin for Taxonomies too, we needed to duplicate all the code we did for the post meta, and this is not a good way to code. Instead, we wrote fully extendible new code, and our next step will be supporting custom fields for Taxonomies.

Stable Collections

We fixed a lot of issues that appeared with the Collections field type and now we can call it stable, not a beta feature.

New styles

We updated all styles to match the latest WordPress 4+ versions. We removed all png icons and replaced them with the standard WordPress Dashboard Icons.
Also, we added mobile compatibility for field settings pages, so now you can use them on tablets or mobile devices (we still recommend using it on a desktop, because this is a beta feature for now).

Better Testing

We tested our plugin on a lot of PHP builds starting from PHP 5.3.
Also, we used WP_DEBUG to check all the pages and fixed a lot of small Notices and Warnings, which should not appear at all in good-written code.