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Taxonomy Custom Fields launch

We always used standard WordPress APIs to create nice user interface around them and to provide easy-to-use options to edit new data for the user. WordPress announced Taxonomy Meta in version 4.4. This means that WordPress database and core supports saving extra data for each term in a standard way.

Since WordPress 4.4 we started the development of the brand new feature – Taxonomy custom fields. Unfortunately, it’s took a while to build it. We are open source project and can’t work full time for each new feature we plan to release. And finally – we have WordPress Taxonomy Custom fields, which use standard Taxonomy meta database tables. This means they will be supported by WordPress from now on – and you never lose them.

Some other plugins also provide this feature. You can find numerous plugins, for example, to add an image to your term, or to add some hard-coded fields. They save this data to a new database tables, you can lose data if you delete such type of plugins. You never lose your data with our plugin, because we use only standard WordPress abilities.

With our new feature you can add all the same fields to your Taxonomy or Custom Taxonomy terms with easy. They have absolutely the same look and feel you already have on posts:

jcf-taxonomy-meta Taxonomy Custom Fields launch

Try them out!

We will be glad for any feedback from you!