Just Custom Fields

Are you a clone of ACF?

No! We are standalone long-term support solution since 2011!

We started the JCF development in summer 2011 when we found out that there was no any good working plugin for replacement of standard WordPress custom fields. We launched in July 2011 and was the only one* custom fields plugin in 2011-2012.

Our interface didn’t change much since 2011, just minor tweaks to follow latest WordPress backend styles. We think it’s still very easy to use and doesn’t require technical background. The architecture of the plugin code base was taken from WordPress Widgets API. We loved the idea about registration widgets with a class of several clear methods like “form(), update(), widget()”. So we build our plugin architecture very similar. And we hope that it is very easy for other developers to add new components and extend our plugin for their needs.

We use our own plugin in all WordPress sites we develop for our clients, so plugin is fully supported.

* Nowadays well known plugin Advanced Custom Fields also wasn’t that good in 2011 and had not-friendly interface and very small amount of features.