Just Custom Fields
3.3 Apr 27 2017

Taxonomy Fields

  • New feature: Taxonomy term custom fields!
  • Bug: Editor “Add media” button row overlap the Posts sidebar
  • Bug: Theme config path hook doesn’t work inside migration process.
  • Tests: New tests with WordPress 4.7.4
3.2 Mar 17 2017

Google Maps

  • New feature: Google Maps component (Latitude and Longitude selector with Google Maps)
  • Tests: New tests with WordPress 4.7.3
3.1 Feb 21 2017

Settings Migrations

  • New feature: Added ability to migrate old settings and data to match the latest plugin code base. Support migrations from v2.3.2 and v3.0+.
    After plugin update you will see a warning message, that you need upgrade your settings to match new plugin version. New Migration page will help you to complete the required migrations and continue using of our plugin.
  • Tests: New tests with WordPress 4.7.2
3.0.4 Jan 24 2017

Fieldset visibility based on Custom Post template

  • New feature: Added support of fieldset visibility for custom post types based on post template
  • Update: Description updated.
  • Tests: Tested with WordPress 4.7.1
3.0.3 Dec 09 2016

Speed optimization of FilesDataLayer

  • Optimization: File system mode add caching for json_decode
  • Tests: Tested with WordPress 4.7
3.0.2 Nov 23 2016

SSL hotfix for backend

3.0.1 Nov 22 2016

Related content in Collection hotfix

  • Bug fix: Related content init in empty Collection on new content page
  • Bug fix: Field usage help popup code updated. (Added ‘echo’ to manual call)
  • Issue fix: #62 table prefix issue in fields visibility query
3.0 Aug 11 2016

Brand new code base!

  • NEW: Plugin code full refactoring, build all code based on OOP classes and latest WordPress coding recommendations
  • New feature: Ability to hide fieldsets based on some criterias (taxonomy relation or page template)
  • New feature: Ability to show fieldset in right column on post edit screen
  • Numerous security patches (XSS)
2.3.2 Feb 05 2016

2.3 bug fixes

  • Bug fix: Collection styling fixes for Post edit screen for WordPress 4.3+
  • Bug fix: PHP 5.2 blank screen error resolved
2.3 Dec 08 2015

Collections stable version

  • Improvements: Collection field settings UI and field sorting fixed
2.2 Nov 17 2015

Introducing Collections

  • Bug fixes: Some annoying notices with WP_DEBUG On
  • New feature: Fields shortcodes and template functions
  • New feature: “Simple Media” field
  • New feature: Ability to group several field in “Collection” (beta)
  • Bug fixes: Some annoying notices with WP_DEBUG On
  • Deprecated: Upload Media is now deprecated
  • Deprecated: Fields Group is now deprecated
2.1.2 Oct 19 2015

2.1 notices bug fixes

  • Bug fixes: Notice on Fields edit page when E_ALL errors On
  • Bug fixes: Notice on post/page quick edit update
2.1.1 Oct 13 2015

WordPress 4.3.1 compatibility fixes

  • Bug fixes: Removed warnings with WP_DEBUG On and E_STRICT errors On
  • Bug fixes: Tiles on settings page layout for media for WP 4.3.1
2.1 Sep 17 2015

Sortable feature for fieldsets

  • New: Sticky field settings edit form in plugin settings
  • New: Ability to sort fieldsets between each other
  • Bug fixes: Empty result on Export/Import
2.0.1 Sep 17 2015

2.0b bug fixes

  • Bug fix CRITICAL: Correct support of old field settings from old versions (read source set default to DB)
2.0b Sep 03 2015

Experimental Multisite settings and Import/Export

  • New: Plugin settings pages were extended.
  • New: Field Settings landing page design improvements
  • New: Experimental features: Multisite settings, Field Settings storage place
  • New: Experimental features: Import/Export
1.4.1 Dec 15 2014

1.4 back-compatibility fixes

1.4 Dec 09 2014

Sortable for multiple fields

1.3.4 Nov 11 2014

Related content bug fixes

1.3.3 Oct 25 2014

Extending hooks

  • Allow JCF extensions inside WP themes.
1.3.2 Jun 20 2012

WordPress 3.4 compatibility fixes

  • Bug fix: emergency fixes for WordPress 3.4
1.3.1 Jun 15 2012

1.3 Bug fixes

  • Bug fix: notices about deprecated param for add_options_page().
  • Bug fix: missing thumbnail for image upload when Site URL is differ from WordPress URL
1.3 Jun 12 2012

JCF Template functions

  • New: Added 2 template functions to print images from Upload Media field
  • New: Select box have “Select One” option (for empty values)
  • Updated .pot files (for guys who want to create their own translations)
  • Updated Russian translations
  • New: Added Belarusian translations (Thanks to Alexander Ovsov (
  • Bug fix: Textarea field compatibility with WordPress 3.3 (thanks Jam for bug reported)
  • Bug fix: Sometimes fieldsets works buggly with Cyrillic-only names
1.2.1 Dec 22 2011

Chrome and Safari compatibility

  • Bug fix: Border radius for forms for Chrome and Safari
1.2 Dec 20 2011

“Checkbox” bug fixes

  • Bug fix: Single checkbox uncheck problem
1.1.1 Sep 02 2011

“Upload media” fixes

  • Bug fix: Upload media doesn’t work if there are no main Content Editor field (for Custom Post Types)
1.1 Sep 01 2011

“Related Content” component

  • Add component “Related Content” (so you can add relation to another Custom Post Type with simple autocomplete field)
  • Add feature to enable/disable fields without removing them
  • Bug fix: Randomly changing fieldset order after field update
  • Bug fix: Component css not loading without js
  • Improved css
1.0 Jul 07 2011

Multilingual support

  • Added multilingual support
  • Added Russian translations
  • Added Italian translations (Thanks to Andrea Bersi for help with Italian version)
  • Fixed bug with blank screen on update post
  • Updated colors to match new Administrative UI in WordPress 3.2
0.9b Jul 05 2011

Version 0.9beta

Plugin beta version